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Isis Phoenix at Evolvefest

Sensual Shaman Mondo Eros Interview with Steve Otero

Isis Phoenix interviewed on Tantra Cafe

Isis Phoenix on WFUV

Isis Phoenix on Herbal Allies for Sexual Health @ the 2011 Sacred Sexuality Round-up

Isis teaches about Oatstraw



NY Spirit Magazine "Making An Asana of Myself"   MG 7424

Metromix New York "Tantric Sex In the City"

Metromix New York "Naked Yoga"

Yoga Nation Article

NY POST "The Naked City"

Kitty Bradshaw "Naked In New York"

MSNBC Article "Naked Yoga"

Naked Yoga Article



Phoenix, Isis. (2016, Winter) "Sacred Naked Art - Ceremonial Explorations with the Body as a Canvas" N: The Magazine of Naturist Living. Issue 36.2  Page 30-33.

Phoenix, Isis. (2015). “A Romp With Queen Anne.” Ecosexuality: Notes for an Orgasmic Earth. Anderlini-d’Onofrio, Serena. (pp TBA) Berkley, CA. North Atlantic Books.


Phoenix, Isis (2015, Summer) “A Naked Yoga Challenge: Vrittis & Drishti.” Nude & Natural Magazine. Issue 34.4 Page 13-15.

Phoenix, Isis (2015, April).  “Exams, Awareness and Love – Wise Woman Breast Health” Sensheant Magazine: A Conversation About Women’s Sexuality. Issue 2, Page 6-9.


Phoenix, Isis (2015, Spring). “Partner Yoga: Exploring the Taboo of Touch in Naturist Environments.” Nude & Natural Magazine, Issue 34.2, Page 18-20.


Phoenix, Isis  (2014, May). Composting Armageddon. Witches and Pagans, issue 28, Page 23.


Phoenix, Isis (2014, December). Women’s Naked Yoga: Why I’m taking the Women Away form Mixed-Gender Yoga. Retrieved from


Phoenix, Isis. (2012, October). Naked Yoga and a Story of Transformation. Retrieved from


Phoenix, Isis. (2012, December). Mothers and Daughters Free from Shame. Retrieved from


Phoenix, Isis. (2011, December). Naked Church. Retrieved from

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